I have been a patient of Dr. Plumb, at the LA Podiatry Group, for the last three years. I am a Golf Professional and constantly on my feet, so their health is extremely important to me. Dr. Plumb was able to get me back on my feet again after taking care of some in-grown toenail issues and once again I can say I have “Happy Feet”!  Dr. Plumb takes the time to REALLY listen to my concerns and then proficiently goes to work remedying the issue. Her calming bedside manner is very reassuring in what might otherwise be a very stressful and painful procedure. Her smile and compassionate heart work just as hard asher skillful hands and before you know it you are up and on your way. I highly recommend Dr. Plumb to anyone who needs to quickly get back up on their feet and moving in the right direction!  Thank you.

Nancy Stuart, LPGA Master Professional

My name is Cheryl Seville and I am a nursing instructor at Southeastern College, with students at NuVista for clinicals. I have heard Dr. Plumb speak several times at NuVista in the last year and a half with the students, so that I look forward to her speaking for the uplift of my students and myself.  She speaks positive, upbeat, nonjudgmental manner, using real life incidents that when you walk away, you are smiling. One of my favorite talks was “If feet could tal.” It fit right in for us as nurses and of course, she is a Podiatrist. I sent my husband to see her for several visits, which has helped him tremendously.  I have had my boss at Southeastern meet her, and tried to set up a session at our school; although, not yet, I believe it will happen. I have tried to carry her positive motivation with my students, at the clinical sites, and now in my life. It shows me that you can have a better quality of life—–that’s it——Dr. Plumb’s motivational speaking brings a better quality of life 🙂  I hope to see her again soon.  Thank you.
Cheryl Seville RN,BSN

I went to LA Podiatry Group when I was no longer able to run due to the foot pain I was experiencing.  Her staff was very warm and friendly and made me feel comfortable while I was getting x-rays taken.  I was seen and treated by Dr. Shelley Plumb who gave me undivided attention, listened to my needs, diagnosed my condition and now has me on the road to recovery without the use of prescription medicine, which I love.  Dr. Plumb knows exactly what she is doing and educated me on how to care for my foot.  I walked away confident knowing that I would soon be feeling better because of her expertise.    

Joanne Duchrow

While in college, I went to a podiatrist for an ingrown toenail.  Because the experience was so painful and traumatic, I refused to see a podiatrist for almost 40 years.  

Several months ago, all of my shoes began to feel uncomfortable.  I could not understand why until I noticed nodules were popping up all over my feet.  I had reached a point where I could no longer avoid seeing a podiatrist!  Now the question was which podiatrist to use.

During a discussion with an employee about her recent foot surgery, I inquired about her experience and her podiatrist.   Based upon my employee’s recommendation, I made an appointment with Dr. Shelley Plumb at LA Podiatry.  It was the best decision I had made in a long time.  The professional and caring demeanor of Dr. Plumb and the entire staff totally changed my perception of podiatry.

As soon as Dr. Plumb saw my feet, she asked me if I had ever had chemotherapy.   Of course, my answer was affirmative.  It had been five years since my last chemo treatment for breast cancer.  I was amazed to find out chemo side effects continue for such a long time.

I would recommend anyone who does not want to have a traumatic podiatry experience to make an appointment with Dr. Plumb and LA Podiatry Group as soon as possible.

Linda Long




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