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Dr. Michael Sinclair, MD

Dr. Michael Sinclair, MD

Family Practice

Dr. Sinclair graduated from the University of Michigan medical school. He began private practice in 1986. In the early 1990s, he became interested in cosmetic lasers. After studying multiple companies and many devices he decided to partner with Palomar Medical. Within a few months, the before and after pictures that Dr. Sinclair provided to Palomar were so good that they actually used his pictures for advertising and sales brochures! Dr. Sinclair began to do lectures on behalf of Palomar medical to teach other doctors the art and science of cosmetic lasers. At the same time, Dr. Sinclair began to add other cosmetic procedures to his practice. For over 20 years Dr. Sinclair has been treating patients with Botox, fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane, Belotero, and Radiesse. He has also been providing patients with Tattoo Removal, Stem Cell Therapy, and hormone replacement therapy. To learn more about what Dr. Sinclair can do for you, give us a call at 561-798-2002 or email us at to arrange your free consultation.

Our Clients Testimonials

Dr. Sinclair is one of the most compassionate doctors in the field of cosmetic medicine. He listens to his patients and gives them honest advise. He often answers his own phone! Patients leaving his office always look naturally beautiful and you would never know they had any work done. In addition to normal business hours, Dr. Sinclair has been known to accommodate patients during evenings and occasional weekends. I highly recommend Dr. Sinclair and Epilution Med Spa!
Shelly W.
This is an excellent place to have cosmetic work done. The doctor is very good. He has years of experience and it really shows. He has a very wide variety of options and he is willing take time to explain the various options. I have had some work done and I am very happy with my results. No downtime, no bruises, no pain and no sales pressure. The doctor even calls me back after each procedure personally to make sure I am satisfied with my results. His prices are good. His staff is very friendly and helpful. I wish more doctors were like him. I strongly recommend.
Laura N.
I am a skin care professional myself so I visit a lot of different Med Spas, Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons on a regular basis. This place ranks at the top of my list for non invasive skin care procedures. I have had botox, numerous fillers and laser procedures. I am very happy with my results. The doctor is talented and makes you feel at ease. He explains everything you need to know and helps you choose what is best for you, there is no sales pressure at all. He is professional in every way. He offers wide variety of options to help with just about any skin care problem you might have. I am quite amazed with his techniques, no pain, no bruising and very natural results. His prices are very fair. Dr. Sinclair is very quick to call me back if I leave a message. He even calls me before I call him just to check on me….and he makes the call himself, not his staff. His staff is very nice. The office is clean. I rarely have to wait long at all to see him. I give my highest recommendation.
Cindy R.
I’ve been fighting breakouts for 8 months with no luck. Dr Sinclair’s skin care line cleared all my breakouts leaving perfect glowing skin. I’m so thankful and now feel confidant wearing no makeup!
Valerie N.